Install BT3 to USB Flash Drive with Save Changes

I’m going to show you how to install Backtrack 3 to an USB Flash Drive with persistent changes. For people that don’t know what Backtrack is, please look at their respective website.

Note: In this small tutorial I assume you understand the concepts of partitioning and have some experience with Linux as well.

Oke, let’s begin!

  1. USB Flash Drive of 1GB or more…
  2. BackTrack 3 USB Version (Extended) iso image (bt3final_usb.iso).
  3. Partitioning application like: Paragon Partition Manager or similar.


  1. Partition your USB Flash Drive as follows:
      • One partition for BT3; should be of 1GB or more (900MB minimum!). Format it with FAT32 & Label it as “BT3”.
      • 2nd partition for changes; should be of 100MB or more. Format it with Ext3 & Label it as “CHANGES”.
      • 3rd partition (optional); Used for swap. Format it as Linux Swap.
  2. Using WinRAR; unrar the iso image. Or mount it with your preferred application.
  3. Copy both folders (“boot” & “BT3”) to the USB Flash Drive’s BT3 partition.
  4. Execute according the OS you’re currently running. Both files are located in the “boot” folder of your USB Flash Drive.
      • Under Linux:
      # ./
      • Under Windows (as Admin):
      double click bootinst.bat
  5. Boot your USB Flash Drive and select “BT3 Graphics mode (KDE)” or whatever you prefer that doesn’t are: “BT3 Graphics mode with Persistent Changes”.
      • Go to your CHANGES partition. (Ex. /mnt/sdb2)
      • Create a folder named “changes”
      • Now go to your BT3 partition. (Ex. /mnt/sdb1)
      • Edit your syslinux.cfg that should be located in the “boot” folder of your USB Flash Drive.

        • Locate this line: “MENU LABEL BT3 Graphics mode with Persistent Changes”•
        • Replace: “changes=/changes/slaxsave.dat” with “changes=/dev/sdb2” (Change sdb2 according to your system)
        • Save the file!
        • Note: You’re free to re-arrange your boot menu and change the default TIMEOUT.
  6. Reboot and Boot your BT3 USB in “BT3 Graphics mode with Persistent Changes”.
  7. Enjoy!

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