BackTrack 4 Persistent USB Install Video

BackTrack 4 is almost done and some of you may want this great Linux distribution running from your USB key with “Persistent Save Changes”.

For people that had made a BackTrack 3 Persistent USB key, there’s great news. Now, the procedure it’s really simple and easy to follow.

Read the following and don’t forget to watch the video!

One of the great enigmas in BackTrack 3 was setting up a persistent USB key Install.  Now that the BT4 pre-release is knocking at the door, and BT4 internals have changed so much, we thought we’d make a quick video tutorial.

A minimum 2GB USB key is required, 4 GB is optimal.

Big thanks to logan_WHD and balding_parrot for getting this set up so smoothly!

Watch the video here: BackTrack 4 Persistent Install


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