Red Gate .NET Reflector will no longer be free

If you’re a .NET developer, chances are you’ve heard of .NET Reflector, a decompilation, debugging, and reverse engineering tool for managed code. Originally written by Lutz Roeder, .NET Reflector was acquired by Red Gate in August 2008. At the time, James Moore, Red Gate’s general manager of .NET Developer Tools said:

Our commitment is to maintain an amazing free tool that will continue to benefit the community while seeking input from users on ways to make .NET Reflector even more valuable.

In a sure-to-be controversial decision, the company is preparing to renege on that commitment. This morning, Red Gate Software announced that it will charge $35 for the basic edition of .NET Reflector 7, scheduled for release in early March. According to Neil Davidson, co-CEO of Red Gate

We provided .NET Reflector without charge for two-and-a-half years, but unfortunately could not make the free model work for us as a commercial company. Charging this nominal amount – about the price of a tank of gas in the U.S. – will enable us to dedicate a team of developers to make sure that Reflector remains a valuable, up-to-date tool over the long term.

For more information:

An open letter to the .NET community
.NET Reflector Announcement FAQ
Video interview with Simon Galbraith, Red Gate co-CEO, about the future of .NET Reflector
New Features in .NET Reflector v7
Lutz Roeder: The Future of .NET Reflector

Read full story at: ZDNet


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