AMD Bulldozer FX, revealed!

After seeing the packaging, they have now revealed the first models to provide AMD with its new generation of processors based on Bulldozer (including levels of TDP), which as we noted in an earlier come under the nomenclature AMD FX 8000, FX 6000 and FX 4000 depending on the number of cores.

The first models of processors based on the Bulldozer architecture models would be: AMD FX-8130P, AMD FX-8110 (8-core) AMD FX-6110 (6-core) and AMD FX-4110 (4-cores) , all based on the core “Zambezi” with 8MB L3 cache, manufactured in 32nm SOI technology, all with multiplier unlocked (Black Edition or Unlocked) with support for Turbo Core 2.0.

According to data previously reported within the innovations we Bulldozer modular design with the inclusion of a new floating point unit (FP Flex floating point processing unit) with two 128-bit units FMAC and FP scheduler.

Bulldozer also integrated controller memory dual-channel DDR3-1866MHz, support for technology “Turbo Core dynamic acceleration technology”, will come to socket AM3 + and most interesting of the new data revealed is that these processors have a TDP of 125W and 95W , which is exceptionally remarkable considering that they are models of 8 cores.

No word yet on the frequency with which these dispatch AMD processors, but these could be up to 3.5GHz, although no details about it and could be lower under TDP levels that have been revealed.

According to AMD’s own documents the new generation of processors offer up to 50% more performance than the current Phenom II family multimedia aspects. After the first batch of processors, AMD will launch four new models that will improve the performance offered in the first group, although we have no details.


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