Is Silverlight 5 the end?

Silverlight 5 is due to be released to manufacturing this month amid speculation that it could be the last ever major release. So is this goodbye Silverlight?

The rumour that Silverlight 5 could be the final release of this product originates in a post on her ZDNet blog by Mary Jo Foley who is usually a pretty reliable source when it comes to Microsoft machinations because of her many reliable insider contacts.

In a post Will there be a Silverlight 6 she writes:

Several of my customer and partner contacts have told me they have heard from their own Microsoft sources over the past couple of weeks that Silverlight 5 is the last version of Silverlight that Microsoft will release. They said they are unsure whether there will be any service packs for it, and they are also not clear on how long Silverlight 5 will be supported by Microsoft.

So this is hearsay at the moment but it fits in well with the other developments and the emphasis that Microsoft is placing on Windows 8 and WinRT – the alternative to managed code and Siverlight in particular.

Another unverified piece of information in the same post is that:

Silverlight 5 may only work with Internet Explorer on Windows and won’t work on Mac OS platforms or with other browsers at all.

However, it could very well all be true as Microsoft seems to be willing to discard the old in its headlong rush to embrace HTML5. Why keep a cross browser plugin when plugins are so hated and HTML5 so loved? Even Adobe has stated that Flash is to be withdrawn from mobile devices. The day of the plugin seems to be well and truely over.

Mary Jo Foley’s post also asks whether the demise of Silverlight will really matter.

The answer to that has to be a resounding “yes” from any .NET programmer.

Read full article at I Programmer


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