Kali Linux Has Been Released!

Kali Linux

After a year of silent development, the Offensive Security team announced the release and public availability of Kali Linux, the most advanced, robust, and stable penetration testing distribution to date.

So, what’s the difference between BackTrack and Kali?

As their website stated: It’s a mix between “everything” and “not much”, depending on how you used BackTrack.

From an end user perspective, the most obvious change would be the switch to Debian and an FHS-compliant system. What this means is that instead of having to navigate through the /pentest tree, you will be able to call any tool from anywhere on the system as every application is included in the system path. However, there’s much hidden magic in that last sentence.


Kali is a complete re-build of BackTrack Linux, adhering completely to Debian development standards. All-new infrastructure has been put in place, all tools were reviewed and packaged, and they use Git for our VCS.

  • More than 300 penetration testing tools
  • Free and always will be
  • Open source Git tree
  • FHS compliant
  • Vast wireless device support
  • Custom kernel patched for injection
  • Secure development environment
  • GPG signed packages and repos
  • Multi-language
  • Completely customizable
  • ARMEL and ARMHF support

For more information and download links, please visit the project website.


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