NDepend v5 is here!


Today, the new version of NDepend came to light. Aside from the UI enhancements, the new version adds more new features along with support for the upcoming Visual Studio 2013.

But before we dig into the new features and enhancements, lets take a quick look at what is it and what will help us for.

What’s NDepend?

NDepend is a tool with tons of features that helps .NET developers to better manage complex code and achieve code quality. Is the Swiss Army Knife for .NET developers.

Impressive, no? But what exactly does for the .NET developers and why it should matter?

As a code analysis tool, it allows us to measure the quality of our code in conformance to the Microsoft .NET Framework Design Guidelines with a set of 200 or more predefined Rules and Queries. This allows us not only to achieve code quality but to identify potential issues in our code base in terms of reliability, maintainability, performance, testability among other quality attributes.

As a metrics tool, NDepend provides us with code statistics at a glance like the number of Lines Of Code (LOC), classes, methods, cyclomatic complexity and so on allowing us to better understand our code in order to improve it. These metrics helps us measure the complexity of the project and identify design flaws, dead code, and so forth.

Regarding the number of Lines of Code, there’s a famous quote by Dijkstra which says:

My point today is that, if we wish to count lines of code, we should not regard them as “lines produced” but as “lines spent”: the current conventional wisdom is so foolish as to book that count on the wrong side of the ledger.

Taken from On the cruelty of really teaching computing science.

Not only NDepend offers us Code Analysis and Code Metrics for testing the quality of our software, but it does it incredible well with its vast features. One of the most prominent features that comes packaged with the software is CQLinq, a technology made in house by Patrick Smacchia that allows us to query the code base over LINQ queries making it a very straightforward process.

With the basics covered, lets now take a look at some of the new features in this version.

What’s new in v5?

New Dashboard Panel

NDepend v5.0 proposes a new Dashboard that shows at a glance the state of your code base and will soon become your entry point to many features. The Dashboard has also been designed to show diff between the current state of the codebase and a baseline.


Trend Monitoring

NDepend v5.0 can monitor more than 50 essential Trend Metrics by default that can be displayed through Trend Charts.


Churning Rules and Queries

NDepend v5.0 lets list Rules and Queries according to common criterions. Listing all Rules Violated is now a one click operation.


Those are some of the new features found in NDepend v5, for a complete list see What’s new in NDepend v5.0

This was an introduction to NDepend, in the next series I’ll cover each feature and how you can get the most from it in order to achieve code quality. Stay tuned!

Last but not least, to celebrate the release of NDepend v5 you can get a -20% discount on the purchase or upgrade until the 11th October 2013!

Disclaimer: All material used here are copyright of their respective owners.


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