Self-assembling furniture

Assembling your own furniture, after you have brought it home from the showroom, is a nightmare for many people.

So, what if flat-pack furniture was smart enough to assemble itself?

Belgian designer and engineer Carl De Smet is experimenting with a kind of smart foam technology, which he believes could do just that. Once heated to a set temperature, the material he works with, shape memory polyurethane (SMPU), will expand to a given design.

Currently working with scaled-down models, De Smet is close to building the technology to achieve the effect with full-size furniture. Ahead of its formal unveiling at the Milan Design Week festival on Tuesday, he gave BBC News a sneak preview at his Brussels studio.

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Windows 8, a Kindergarten UI design

Disclaimer: This review is based from a personal desktop experience point-of-view, it should vary in touch-enabled devices. There’s no intended hate against Microsoft and their products.


At first glance we appreciate some notably differences from the previous version, Windows 7.
To start with, there’s no Aero. But why is that? Here’s the Microsoft excuse:

It’s all about battery life.

You can find a detailed explanation within a huge blog post in Creating the Windows 8 user experience.

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