DevForce 2012 Windows Store Edition is Free for a Limited Time

Leverage your existing development skills and build data-rich enterprise applications for your increasingly mobile workforce. Windows Store applications run equally well on any Windows 8 device. Regularly $995, for a limited time, the new DevForce Windows Store edition is FREE.

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IdeaBlade DevForce 2010 is Here!

What is DevForce?

DevForce is a framework for building and operating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). DevForce provides a complete framework for building enterprise applications for Silverlight, WPF, WinForms, ASP.NET, and a variety of .NET client technologies.

DevForce is fully integrated with Microsoft’s Entity Framework, but can consume other data sources using its POCO support.

In MVVM environments, DevForce supplies the model to MVVM implementations such as, MVVM Light, Caliburn, and Prism.
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